Variety of tablets in different shapes and sizes.Pipette filled with red liquid being injected into empty test tube.Stethoscope placed on top of test results.

The Center for Research on Complex Generics (CRCG) facilitates research collaborations that help increase access to safe and effective generic drugs.


CRCG promotes generic industry training and engages the public in complex generics research. Researchers work collaboratively to conduct studies and develop new techniques in complex generics.


Faculty conduct drug development research that spans many fields, including complex injectables, drug-device combination products, locally-acting drugs, and quantitative clinical pharmacology.


The University of Maryland, Baltimore and University of Michigan are well-positioned to conduct complex generic drug research that spans from formulation and analytical characterization to clinical studies.

Research Survey of Scientific Challenges in the Development of Complex Generics

The Center for Research in Complex Generics (CRCG) aims to conduct education and research that facilitates complex generics. Your input will aid us to identify training and research activities that will promote the understanding of complex products, and hence the development of new generic complex products. If you are willing to take a 30 minute survey, please click the link below.

Summary results will be shared with FDA and the public. Individual survey responses from those who indicate they are willing to be their "company’s point of contact" will be shared with FDA if the employer/company has more than 100 employees, but not with the public. No individual names will be shared. No individual survey results will be shared with the public. We may seek to conduct follow-up to your survey answers to clarify any of your responses. This follow up will occur via email and/or telephone/webconference.

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CRCG Video Spotlight

Watch this short video to learn more about the Center for Research on Complex Generics.